kementerian sosial 2013

Apakah Anda sedang mencari berita terkini atau informasi terbaru tentang kementerian sosial 2013 di situs ini? Jika Anda tidak menemukan info, gambar, atau video mengenai kementerian sosial 2013 di bawah ini, maka kami sarankan Anda mencoba hasil pencarian lainnya di Terima kasih.

VLC media player (commonly known as VLC) is a portable, free and open-source, cross-platform media player and streaming media server written by the VideoLAN project.

VLC media player supports many audio and video compression methods and file formats, including DVD-Video, video CD and streaming protocols. It is able to stream media over computer networks and to transcode multimedia files.

The default distribution of VLC includes a large number of free decoding and encoding libraries, avoiding the need for finding/calibrating proprietary plugins. The libavcodec library from the FFmpeg project provides many of VLC's codecs, but the player mainly uses its own muxers, and demuxers. It also has its own protocol implementations. It also gained distinction as the first player to support playback of encrypted DVDs on Linux and OS X by using the libdvdcss DVD decryption library.

The VideoLan software originated as an academic project in 1996. VLC used to stand for "VideoLAN Client" when VLC was a client of the VideoLAN project. But since VLC is no longer merely a client, that initialism no longer applies.

It was intended to consist of a client and server to stream videos from satellite dishes across a campus network. Originally developed by students at the École Centrale Paris, it is now developed by contributors worldwide and is coordinated by VideoLAN, a non-profit organization.

Rewritten from scratch in 1998, it was released under GNU General Public License on 1 February 2001, with authorization from the headmaster of the École Centrale Paris. The functionality of the server program, VideoLan Server (VLS), has mostly been subsumed into VLC and has been deprecated. The project name has been changed to VLC media player because there is no longer a client/server infrastructure.

The cone icon used in VLC is a reference to the traffic cones collected by École Centrale's Networking Students' Association. The cone icon design was changed from a hand drawn low resolution icon to a higher resolution CGI-rendered version in 2006, illustrated by Richard Øiestad.

After 13 years of development, version 1.0.0 of VLC media player was released on 7 July 2009. Version 2.0.0 of VLC media player was released on February 18, 2012. In 2011 and 2012, large parts of VLC were relicensed to the GNU Lesser General Public License. As of 2012 VLC topped the overall download count; as of 2013 more than 1.3 billion downloads had occurred.

VLC is available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch on Apple's App Store. Previously it had been withdrawn due to a licensing conflict between the GPL and the iTunes Store agreement, but was then resubmitted under the Mozilla Public License. Work began on VLC for Android in 2010 and it is now available for Android devices on the Google Play store.

A version for the Windows Store was released on 13 March 2014. Support for Windows RT, Windows Phone, and possibly the Xbox One are also in development.

Prediksi Soal CPNS Kementerian Sosial 2013

Inilah link download kumpulan contoh soal prediksi tes seleksi penerimaan CPNS Kementerian Sosial tahun 2013 lengkap dengan kunci jawaban beserta pembahasannya untuk menembus CPNS KEMENTERIAN SOSIAL tahun ini. Sebagaimana kita ketahui bersama bahwa pada tahun 2013 ini banyak sekali...


INFO LENGKAP PENERIMAAN CPNS KEMENTERIAN SOSIAL 2013 PENGUMUMAN NOMOR: 774/SJ-ORPEG/KP.01.01/08/2013 SELEKSI PENERIMAAN CALON PEGAWAI NEGERI SIPIL KEMENTERIAN SOSIAL REPUBLIK INDONESIA TAHUN ANGGARAN 2013 Kementerian Sosial Republik Indonesia membuka kesempatan kepada Warga Negara Republik Indonesia pria dan wanita yang memiliki...

CPNS Kementerian Perhubungan Tahun 2013 Belum Buka Pendaftaran Online

Penerimaan CPNS Kementerian Perhubungan Tahun 2013 Belum Buka Pendaftaran Online di – Kementerian Perhubungan di situsnya mengumumkan bahwa ada 729 formasi dalam penerimaan CPNS 2013. Namun belum disebutkan kapan pendaftaran online segera dibuka. Berikut ini pengumuman penerimaan...


BADAN KEPENDUDUKAN DAN KELUARGA BERENCANA NASIONAL PENGUMUMAN Nomor: 2361/KT.301/B2/2013 TENTANG PENERIMAAN CALON PEGAWAI NEGERI SIPIL BKKBN TAHUN 2013 Dalam rangka mengisi lowongan formasi CPNS Tahun Anggaran 2013, sebagaimana ditetapkan dengan Keputusan Menteri Negara Pendayagunaan Aparatur Negara dan Reformasi Birokrasi...

Lowongan Penerimaan CPNS 2013 untuk 65 Insatansi Pemerintah

Pemerintah segera menggelar lowongan calon pegawai negeri sipil (CPNS) 2013 di sejumlah kementerian dan lembaga. Jenis soal yang diberikan memiliki tingkat kesulitan satu tingkat dibawah soal Ujian Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (UMPTN). “Satu grade di bawah masuk UMPTN. Itu...


INFO LENGKAP PENERIMAAN CPNS KEMENTERIAN LUAR NEGERI (KEMENLU) 2013 NOMOR : PENG/KP/82/08/2013/02 SELEKSI PENERIMAAN CALON PEGAWAI NEGERI SIPIL KEMENTERIAN LUAR NEGERI TINGKAT SARJANA DAN PASCA SARJANA (GOLONGAN III) DAN DIPLOMA 3 (GOLONGAN II) TAHUN ANGGARAN 2013 ISO 9001:2008 Kementerian... Pengumuman Pendaftaran SNMPTN 2013 Pendaftaran SNMPTN 2013 – Informasi terbaru Seleksi Nasional Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SNMPTN) Tahun 2013 di Kali ini akan memberikan informasi terbaru dan terkini seputar tata cara pendaftaran SNMPTN 2013, ketentuan dan persyaratan SNMPTN 2013 dan...

Penerimaan CPNS 2013 Memprioritaskan Honorer K2

Penerimaan CPNS 2013 Memprioritaskan Honorer K2 – Inilah update terkini Penerimaan CPNS 2013 Memprioritaskan Honorer K2 dari situs lowongan kerja untuk Anda yang sedang mencari Penerimaan CPNS 2013 Memprioritaskan Honorer K2. Pemerintah sudah berancang-ancang membuka rekrutmen calon pegawai...